Wait for me 2014, you’re going too fast…






Ooops … so sorry blog if have neglected to tell you what i’ve been up to so far this year… will just skip straight to May I think!

May was the month of ‘Just Makers’ at Harlow Carr – the RHS gardens in Harrogate – a fantastic event with lots of sales and sunshine!

Some of my fave ‘Flower Gardens’ and ‘Meadow’ canvases are now living with new owners, so I hope they are all very happy!

 Another popular hit with the Harlow crowd were my ‘Flower Garden’ greetings cards, good job I got another batch printed, as the first lot were snapped up in the first few days.

card 2 card 3 cards

Still some left in my Folksy shop though!


Ok – next event takes me to Clitheroe for the Artisan Markets and then another biggie at the end of June is ‘Art in the Pen’ in Carlisle. This is a new event for Carlisle, but the same formatt has been running at Skipton auction market for over 10 years now. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept – artist and makers make mini galleries and shops in the cattle pens for the weekend and sell their fab work to all the fab visitors!

Will report back on this later…


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