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How Anne became Daisy Florence…. 

When my first daughter was born, I fairly quickly discovered that I  had little time to devote to weaving, or the studio that I was renting.  So a small studio space at home, next to the washing machine was created and I began to experiment with my gorgeous green vintage, hand powered sewing machine.  As I hoped to return to weaving I decided that this new creative phase needed its own identity and that is how Daisy Florence Design began (Daisy and Florence being each of my daughter’s middle names) For further details of Anne’s woven textile please see ‘Anne Crowther‘ section

Daisy Florence Design – recycled textiles recreated

The inspiration for my work is drawn from the flowers and meadows of the Pennine landscape and my own garden.

I build up my work in layers of stitch and cut-work to achieve shapes and silhouettes of foliage to embellish with hand cut flower motifs. All processes I do by hand, I even wind my sewing machine by hand – I like the evenness of the stitch length I get when I draw with it.

arts mkt 1 img013

I work exclusively with recycled fabrics and create collections of canvas artworks, hand embellished prints, greetings cards, pin-brooches and pocket mirrors.

I sell my work online through Folksy – please click this link to visit:


and I sell it at local designer craft fairs*and through select galleries and shops.

I am always on the look out for new retail outlets for my work so please do contact me if you know of the perfect spot!

(* like my Fb page to get regular updates of the next fairs I’m going to be at or check out my blog page)

My studio…

daisy florence design studio









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